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Rosa Loves… Cupcakes, Lucky Magazine and DC.

After running errands in Bethesda one afternoon last week, I sat in my couch and read the latest issue of Lucky magazine while snacking on mini cupcakes from Fancy Cakes by Leslie. I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw the City Guide section featuring Washington, DC (thanks Lacey S for the heads-up!). Going through the amazing list of stores selected by Lucky made think about my own shopping experiences in DC and I figured it might be fun to share with you.

One of my favorite experiences took place on the day that my ‘Sex and the City’ obsessed friend C (her words, not mine) drove from Baltimore to meet me at Muléh. The store was presenting the Spring 2009 Anglomania trunk show featuring the wedding dress that SJP wore in the movie. Not only it was a unique opportunity for my friend C, who was in ‘Sex and the City’ heaven all night, but it marked the time I fell in love with the store’s concept: furniture and high end clothing.

Sassanova became my favorite shoe store after I had a bit of a footwear emergency. My search for the perfect pair of shoes for a job interview had been unsuccessful and Sassanova came to my rescue (and I got the job too!). Oh, and remember those fabulous shoes I scored at the Fall 2011 District Sample Sale? They came from this store.

One Spring afternoon, my friend K and I had just finished lunch at Ben’s Chili Bowl when we happened to walk by Legendary Beast and a little impromptu shopping seemed like a good idea. That was the day that I found my favorite vintage necklace which eventually became a staple in my wardrobe.

And of course, I still remember how patient the owner of Green and Blue boutique was with me when I was trying to decide on the alterations needed for a new pair trouser jeans I was buying. The owner, who does all the alterations at the store, listened to my concerns and fears (I had bad tailor experiences before) and to this day, that pair of jeans is the best tailored item in my closet.

I could go on and on forever. I love to support local owned businesses and the stores in DC have not disappointed me.

So, who wants to come to DC and do some serious shopping?

{Photos by RosaLovesDC}

NOTE: After I finished writing this post, I found out that Green and Blue closed the retail part of the business at the beginning of this month. However, alterations services are still being offered.

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