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Rosa Loves… The perfect weather for a day in Georgetown.

After a few days of rain and incredibly high levels of humidity, which were responsible for my ‘crazy hair’ last week, we finally had gorgeous weather this weekend. I got up early on Sunday morning and after watching a couple of episodes of ‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown’ with my husband, I was on my way to Georgetown to meet Arlita of Rock and Sole for brunch. Since the metro is kind of unpredictable on the weekends, I ended up arriving earlier than expected to my destination. Luckily, Olivia Macaron was open so I stopped by to say hello to Ana Claudia, the owner of the shop, and to get some tasty macarons for a birthday gift. Once I met Arlita, we decided that since the weather was just perfect, a table outside at Peacock Cafe was a fabulous idea. Over cocktails and eggs Benedict, we had such a great conversation and we were able to learn a little more about each other. We then walked around Georgetown for a bit on our way to a Sweet & Spark Party and admired the beautiful houses in the neighborhood. 

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend too!

{Photos by RosaLovesDC}


Rosa Loves… An intimate presentation of Elie Tahari’s 40th Anniversary Collection and an interview.

Last week, I took a break from lab work and attended an intimate presentation of the Elie Tahari Edition 1974 collection at Capella, a beautiful boutique hotel in Georgetown. The event was hosted by stylist April Yvonne, the fabulous founder of MyDCStyle. While enjoying a delicious lunch at Capella’s Grill Room, April took us through the different pieces of the capsule collection, which was specifically created to celebrate Elie Tahari’s 40th anniversary. Edition 1974 includes updated iconic silhouettes that are named after NYC landmarks. It is difficult to narrow down a favorite piece, but I love the versatility of the Pearson jacket. I was also immediately drawn to the geometric panels of the Mulberry dress. April’s favorite piece is the laser cut navy Evangelina dress which is stunning. I truly had an amazing time at the event which is part of Capella’s DC Style Series. I am already planning on attending the next one in May with a coworker.  As you can see, we scientists love beautiful clothes too.

While Mr. Tahari was not present at the Capella event, he was incredibly kind and answered a few questions for the blog. I hope you enjoy the interview:

Rosa Loves DC: Mr. Tahari, your career in fashion had an interesting beginning, you went from working as an electrician in the Garment District to designing women’s clothes, how did this come about? What inspired you to make clothes? Is this something you were always interested in pursuing?

Elie Tahari: There was a manufacturing error that produced a pile of fabric tubes, some of these mistakes ended up in a New York boutique. My instinct told me these would be a hit! I bought a pile for $2 apiece and planned to resell them for $4. I snuck into a trade show with my bags of tubes, no credentials and pictures showing how to wear them. By the end of the day, I had thousands of orders. This was the beginning of my career. 

RLDC: Elie Tahari clothes have clearly evolved over 40 years. Your first designs included sexy Studio 54 inspired dresses and now your label offers clothes that have been described as tailored and modern. What’s your philosophy when designing your collections? How has your vision changed over the years? 

ET: I first moved to the city in my early 20’s and was inspired by the fashions of Studio 54 and the hippy girls of the time, who weren’t afraid to show a little skin. My designs have evolved along with the times. I want my clothes to be modern and emphasize a woman’s true beauty. The customer’s needs are always at the forefront of my design process. 

RLDC: The pieces in your capsule collection ‘Elie Tahari Edition 1974’ are named after NYC landmarks, can you tell us more about how you came out with this idea? What’s your favorite silhouette in the collection and why? 

ET: Creating the Elie Tahari Edition 1974 collection was such a special experience for me, in naming each piece I wanted to pay tribute to New York, the city that has given me so much. The Hudson jumpsuit is one of my favorite pieces from the 20 piece collection, it stays true to the original 70’s feel with a high waist, but I updated it by adding a silicone insert. 

RLDC: A lot of my readers are young professional women living and working in the DC area. What are the pieces you believe women should focus on when building a professional wardrobe? 

ET: I believe young professional women should begin building their wardrobe with timeless, well-made staples; a classic black dress that can take you from desk to dinner, a versatile blazer, and a great pair of dark jeans, are all essentials. 

RLDC: What is your vision for the future of the label? What can be we expect from Elie Tahari in the next decade? 

ET: I want my collections to continue to evolve with the times. In the near future, I am excited to be working on a great collaboration with a retailer that will make luxury fashion more accessible and reach a wider audience.

Thank you so much Mr. Tahari for this interview. I also want to thank April, Capella, and the Elie Tahari team for putting together such a fabulous event.

If you are interested in attending the next DC Style Series at Capella, make sure to check April’s website and twitter for updates.

For another recap of the event, visit Rebekah’s lovely blog. She is one of my favorite models (and chefs) in DC and was part of the presentation as well.

{Photos via Elie Tahari. Graphics by RosaLovesDC}


Rosa Loves… Fabulous friends, beautiful weather, and yummy macarons.

The weather on Saturday was gorgeous and because of it, my friend Katie and I decided to spend some time in Georgetown. We hadn’t seen each other in a while so it was a great opportunity to catch up and meet my friend’s super cute baby girl for the very first time. But before meeting with Katie, I made a quick stop at Billy Reid to say hello to my friend Liza. Then, Katie, baby and I did a little shopping at J.Crew and Madewell followed by a delicious brunch and bottomless bubbly at Bistro Francais. We also visited a relatively new macaron shop in Georgetown, Olivia Macaron, and we fell in love with the red velvet and rose flavors. Katie also got vanilla and she said it was divine. While in Georgetown, I got a totally random text about the weather from Cathy only to realize that we were right next door to each other so I got to briefly say hello to her as well. Overall, it was nice to be out and about, meet fabulous friends and eat some yummy macarons. Lola also enjoyed the weather on Saturday. After I got home that afternoon, we went for a long walk and she spent about an hour outside in the balcony working on her tan. 

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. 

Macaron flavors in the photo above (from top to bottom): Almond, Red Velvet, Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Pistachio, and Lemon.

{Photo by RosaLovesDC}


Rosa Loves… The perfect new addition to her home.

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a preview at the new HomeGoods/T.J.Maxx in Georgetown hosted by the lovely Sara of High Fashion for Less. While browsing the amazing store and shopping with my friends, Julie found the perfect piece of home decor for my apartment: a mercury glass camera. I obviously had to have it and it now sits on my coffee table.

{Photo by RosaLovesDC}

a day in gtown 01

a day in gtown 02

a day in gtown 03Rosa Loves… A Friday afternoon in Georgetown.

Life has been a little busy and I really needed a break from work. So on Friday afternoon after finishing a few things in the lab, I got on the metro to meet Sara and we headed to Georgetown. First on the agenda was a Danielle Nicole presentation at Cusp. I was able to finally meet the fabulous handbag designer in person and I totally fell in love with several pieces but the Bella Crossbody was my favorite. Next, I met my husband for a late lunch at Kafe Leopold’s. I was very excited because it was my husband’s first time eating there and he loved it. For dessert, we walked a couple of blocks to have pie and coffee at Pie Sisters. We also did a little couch shopping and I am happy to report that we found one. Woohoo! It was so comfortable, we were ready to take a nap right there at the store, true story. At the end of the day and on the way home, I realized how much I truly enjoyed my afternoon off with my husband and my friends. 

By the way, Prince Harry was around Georgetown at the same time I was there but I didn’t run into him. I think that would have made my afternoon even more awesome ;)

{Photos by RosaLovesDC}






Rosa Loves… The amazing accessories at Charm Georgetown.

I love brunch. I love accessories. I love blogger friends. Fortunately, this past weekend I was able to combine all of those things when I went to a brunch hosted by Natalie and Erika of the Fashionably Broke and Cheralee of Miss Lyle Style at Charm Georgetown. When I walked into the boutique, I thought I’d died and gone to accessory heaven. True story. The selection is pretty amazing and the ladies at Charm are super nice. Of course given my addiction to sparkle, I couldn’t resist one particular necklace which happens to be featured in the photos above. Can you guess which one it is? 

Thanks Charm, Natalie, Erika, and Cheralee for such a fun and sparkly time. 

{Photos by RosaLovesDC}