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Rosa Loves… Dainty necklaces. 

My jewelry box probably contains one too many statement necklaces. Lately though, I’ve been really into more dainty pieces (this fabulous post by Alison a few weeks ago also got me craving some delicate necklaces). I basically find myself reaching for my darling initial necklace when getting ready almost every morning and my vintage gold necklace has become a staple of my weekend brunch outfits. 

If you are interested in the pieces featured in this post, check out :

{Photo by RosaLovesDC}


Rosa Loves… The perfect everyday tote.

A few weeks ago, it was time to replace my beloved tote. I’ve had it for years but it was time to find a new one. The search for a replacement was not an easy task but I am happy to report that I found one. I just can’t get enough of my Everlane Reverse-Denim Tote. It’s perfect tote for work, running errands on the weekend, dog walks around our neighborhood, and even for a trip to the farmers market. It’s incredibly well made, the fabric is amazing, and the leather straps are my favorite feature. It is indeed the perfect everyday tote.

{Photo sources: computer, pens, treats, toy, lip balm, macarons. Farmers market photos originally posted on my @rosalovesdc Instagram account}

pink 01

pink 02

Rosa Loves… Pink.

I think I am going through a bit of a pink phase. Lately, I’ve been incorporating more color into my outfits with bright pink blouses and accessories. Also, pink has been my preferred color when picking flowers for my apartment. I don’t know if the crazy weather we’ve had is responsible for the sudden craving of pink, but I kind of love it.

{Photos by RosaLovesDC and taken with her iPhone}






Rosa Loves… The amazing accessories at Charm Georgetown.

I love brunch. I love accessories. I love blogger friends. Fortunately, this past weekend I was able to combine all of those things when I went to a brunch hosted by Natalie and Erika of the Fashionably Broke and Cheralee of Miss Lyle Style at Charm Georgetown. When I walked into the boutique, I thought I’d died and gone to accessory heaven. True story. The selection is pretty amazing and the ladies at Charm are super nice. Of course given my addiction to sparkle, I couldn’t resist one particular necklace which happens to be featured in the photos above. Can you guess which one it is? 

Thanks Charm, Natalie, Erika, and Cheralee for such a fun and sparkly time. 

{Photos by RosaLovesDC}

danielle nicole 01

Danielle Nicole 02

Rosa Loves… An interview with handbag designer Danielle DiFerdinando.

A few weeks ago, I was supposed to attend a preview for the Danielle Nicole Spring 2013 Handbag Collection but because of that evil cold I had, I sadly missed the event. Luckily, Danielle DiFerdinando, the fabulous designer behind the brand, was incredibly nice and agreed to an interview over the phone. I really enjoyed speaking to Danielle and I want share a few of the things I learned during our chat with all of you:

Danielle’s career in fashion. She’s always had a passion for handbags and she used to make her own handbags using materials from JoAnn’s fabrics while in high school. She studied Fashion Merchandising & Accessory Design at FIT where she also worked as a designer for her drama department. Danielle landed an internship at Bergdorf Goodman after college and that’s where her designs started to get noticed. Before she knew it, her handbags were being sold at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus. Due to the economy, she then decided to focus on a lower price point for her handbags and the line can now be found at Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Cusp.

Danielle’s thoughts on handbags. She thinks that handbags are the perfect accessory for everyone. She also believes that a handbag is an extension of someone’s personality.

Danielle’s inspiration. She draws inspiration for her designs from trips, art, fashion, and culture. She traveled to Japan in March of last year and fell in love with the culture and the fashion there. She really loved the mix of color and pattern and the trip inspired her designs for the Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.

Danielle’s favorite Danielle Nicole handbag. The Peyton tote. It’s a timeless piece and incredibly functional.

Danielle’s future plans for the brand. She is working on small leather goods, wristlets, key rings, and cuffs that will showcase the unique hardware that is already featured on the handbags. 

Danielle’s must-have accessories. Besides a great handbag, she believes a woman should also have black and nude pumps in her closet. She also recommends investing in classic pieces such a watch or a necklace.

I just love Danielle’s story, she was driven and now has a handbag line that is not only fabulous, but also very affordable and practical. I have seen some of the Danielle Nicole bags in real life and I can tell you that I just love them, specially that Davina crossbody, it’s just perfect for running quick errands or while riding the metro. 

Thank you Danielle and the team behind Danielle Nicole for kindly accommodating my request for this interview. 

By the way, if you live in the DC area, you can also find some of the Danielle Nicole bags at Lou Lou stores. 

{Photos via Danielle Nicole and graphics by RosaLovesDC}

the perfect pair of heart earrings

Rosa Loves… The perfect pair of heart earrings.

I just adore this pair of tiny heart earrings I bought last summer. I have been wearing them non-stop and I think they’re kind of perfect for Valentine’s Day. Wouldn’t you agree?

Note: If you are interested in a pair, here’s the link to Junghwa, the Etsy store I got them from. These earrings also come in gold and are currently on sale! 

{Photo via Junghwa}

denada 01denada 02denada 03

Rosa Loves… Infinity scarves and an unexpected model.

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the opening of the Ulysses Room, a collaboration between The President Wears Prada, DeNada, and artist Kelly Towles. It was a wonderful party and I was even able to do a little shopping. I had been searching for an infinity scarf and the DeNada knits at the studio were just perfect. It was difficult to pick just one, but I was happy with my choice. And so was Lola as she tends to gravitate towards anything soft and cozy.

Here’s what happened the weekend I decided to take some photos to show you how beautiful DeNada scarves are:

  1. After a few test shots and I thought about getting a different lens so I went to get it from the living room.
  2. In my absence, my tiny chihuahua thought that the scarf was incredibly comfortable so it was the perfect place to take a nap.
  3. I walked back into the bedroom a few minutes later and I found Lola falling asleep on top of my scarf.

So that’s how she became an unexpected model for DeNada.

I love my new scarf, it goes with all my coats and jackets, and I just hope the winter arrives in DC soon so I can wear it more.

If you are interested in a DeNada scarf just like mine, click here for more details.

{Photos by RosaLovesDC}

zombie outfit

Rosa Loves… To think about outfit options during a zombie apocalypse.

Who’s excited for the season premiere of The Walking Dead? You know I am! You have no idea how important this season is to me: new characters (Hello, Governor and Michonne!), interesting story lines (please AMC, make the Prison pretty awesome), and of course, zombies. I’ve been counting the days indeed.

I always wonder if I will be prepared in the event of a zombie apocalypse. While many people might worry about supplies such as food, water, and weapons, I always think about fashion (and champagne, but that’s a whole different post). Yes, I like to consider outfit options. If I turn into a zombie, I would like to be a fashionable one.

I recently wore an outfit that I thought would be an excellent choice during a zombie outbreak:

  1. Statement necklace: I know it’s the apocalypse but that doesn’t mean I can’t wear a little sparkle.
  2. Comfortable loafers: Practical for running away from zombies or if I become one, very useful when going after a meal (aka people). Forget about stiletto heels, it’s a big no-no.
  3. Polka dot scarf: To stay warm during a cold night outdoors looking for supplies or shelter. And if I am a zombie, colorful polka dots might cheer me up when I start to decompose.
  4. Peplum jacket: The perfect way to add a trend to an end-of-the-world outfit.

To complete my look, I also wore a pair of jeans which I strongly recommend for the same reasons stated in item #2 above. Wouldn’t you agree this is a perfect zombie outfit?

Now tell me, how are you preparing for a zombie apocalypse? Share in the comments.

If you need ideas, you can go to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website and download their zombie preparedness guide. See, even the folks at the CDC think about this stuff!

{Photos by RosaLovesDC}