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Rosa Loves… Impromptu brunch and shopping.

I had made several plans for the weekend but on Friday afternoon, it all changed. My husband got sick so he had to stay in bed most of the weekend. We also trying to decide about moving apartments in the same building so I spent most of my Saturday morning dealing with that. While my husband got some much deserved rest, I arranged a quick meeting with Ashlyn for a photo shoot and a chat. When I met Ashlyn, she was hanging out with Cathy and we all went for a little shopping at Zara and Forever 21. Let me just say that we all have similar taste and purchased the same perfect fall weather accessory. We were also getting a little hungry so we headed over to Poste and over mimosas, eggs benedict, and truffle frites we had a great chat about pretty much everything. I think we spent close to 3 hours at Poste but it didn’t feel like it at all because we were having such an awesome time. I truly enjoyed my impromptu brunch and shopping with these fabulous ladies.

{Photos by RosaLovesDC}

sparkly dec sat 01 sparkly dec sat 02

Rosa Loves… A sparkly and glittery day.

Saturday was a busy day. I started my morning by packing for our holiday trip but I took a break for brunch. I met my friend Sara of High Fashion for Less and the lovely KAR of Blue Rooms White Houses at Scion in Dupont Circle. Over mimosas and a giant plate of huevos rancheros, KAR told us about her interior design adventures and we got to know her a bit more. We met briefly at the last Blogger Blitz DC a few months ago and I just love her fabulous blog. For brunch, I decided to wear my favorite lace top and instead of my signature statement necklace, I went with my sparkly heart ring.

After brunch, I ran some errands and when I got home, I packed some more. My husband and I went for a quick dinner that evening before heading over to a cocktail party organized by Ashley of Ashley in DC and her boyfriend Trevor. It was the first time I’ve been to her place and it is gorgeous. There was a champagne bar with all the ingredients needed for guests to make their favorite sparkling cocktails and that was kind of awesome. Also, aren’t those glittery bow drink toppers adorable? They certainly put a smile on my face every time I took a sip of my cocktail. We loved meeting some of Ashley’s friends and we even had the opportunity to chat with some of my favorite bloggers from the area (Hi Alissa and Morgan)!

As you can see, my Saturday was very sparkly and glittery and I was able to spend time with some old and new friends before going to visit the family for the holidays.

{Photos by RosaLovesDC, taken with her iPhone and processed with Picfx}

lani-rosa post final

Rosa Loves… Ideas for your holiday outfits. 

The holiday season is finally here and you know what that means: it’s time to start thinking about holiday outfits to wear to office parties and get-togethers with family and friends. For this very reason, my fashionable friend Lani of Real Life Style and I decided to put together a list of items to add a little sparkle to your holiday outfits. Lani recommends adding a fabulous necklace, a sequined jacket, or a glittery clutch. My suggestions include a pair glittery flats and a sparkly ring. You can also have fun with your holiday hairstyle by wearing colorful/glittery bobby pins.

We would love to hear what you are planning to wear this season so share with us in the comments your ideas for your holiday outfits.

Have a very sparkly and glittery holiday season! 

{Images via Charm & Chain, H&M, Henri Bendel, Madewell,, and J.Crew. Collage made by RosaLovesDC}

brunch and the city 01

brunch and the city 02

Rosa Loves… Brunch and the City.

On Saturday morning I decided to go for a walk around Dupont Circle. It was a little chilly and breezy but I loved it. I truly enjoy walking around the different neighborhoods in DC in the fall. After my lovely walk, I met some blogger friends at Urbana for a brunch organized by the fabulous Ashley of Ashley in DC. While indulging on yummy food (I had the egg white frittata) and the Bellini bar, I was able to chat and catch up with some of my favorite bloggers in the area. And of course a blogger brunch wouldn’t be complete without a few Outfit of the Day photo shoots.

Thank you Ashley for such a great time and the super cute party favors!

{Photos by RosaLovesDC}

district commons kelsey sara 01

district commons kelsey sara 02

district commons kelsey sara 03

Rosa Loves… Brunch with fashionista and foodie friends.

District Commons was the place to meet my fashionista and foodie friends Sara and Kelsey for our brunch date on Sunday. I’ve been looking forward to this brunch after a semi-stressful week and of course, I always love catching up with these fabulous ladies. As soon as I got the menu, the blood orange mimosa caught my eye. I mean, I love blood oranges and it is also a great way to get some vitamin C in my system (anything to avoid catching a summer cold, right?). Sara and I ordered the Huevos Rancheros and Kelsey had the Classic Monte Cristo (here’s a collage Kelsey posted on Instagram). Now, did you take a good look at that collage? Yes? OK, that’s me on the left trying to get the perfect shot of my food. I was so focused that I didn’t even notice she took that photo until I saw the Instagram. Kelsey is such a paparazzi and I love it!

The timing for our brunch was just perfect because a couple of hours later the rain arrived. I stayed home for the rest of the day reading a book and working on a few projects. How did you spend your weekend? I would love to hear all about it.

{Photos by RosaLovesDC}

ootd photos

Rosa Loves… ‘The Outfit of the Day’ by Ashlyn, Erica and Sara.

Here’s a confession: Photography sessions involving a chihuahua with a bit of a diva attitude can get to you. Are all models like that? No, just Lola, she’s cute and she knows it. However, this summer I’ve been lucky to work with some awesome models who’ve been kind enough to let me practice my photography skills on a few occasions. As you know, some of my friends in DC and VA also happen to be personal style bloggers and they share ‘Outfit of the Day’ photos with their readers. I love meeting these ladies over for brunch, drinks, and shopping and if I have my camera, we’ll have mini photo shoots. I have enjoyed it tremendously and we always have a pretty good time while snapping the photos.

And who are the fabulous style bloggers above?

Check out their blogs and outfits. Like I said, they’re awesome and I am lucky to have them as friends and photography subjects (and no diva attitude, do you hear that Lola?).

{Photos by RosaLovesDC and previously featured on Let It Be Beautiful, Simply Epalf, and High Fashion 4 Less}